“Our space is your space.”

My name is Heather.






My staff and I welcome you to Hello Yoga.



Kid's Yoga Camp





Ages 4 – 8, starting Oct 28th.

Ends Nov. 18th.





Yoga 101 Fall 2018


Register soon as only a few spaces left! Beginners welcome!

Having a baby?


Prenatal Yoga starts Nov. 5, from 6 – 7pm for

6 weeks and only

$75 (+hst) for all sessions.


Whole Health Expo



Join us for a good time! Information is power and the keynote speakers are world renowned experts on Nutrition and Health.

Call Heather at Hello Yoga for tickets.

Hello yoga Entrance










Find the flag…


Find us at at the end of the road & start your journey with us.


100 Henderson St. Port Hope, ON


Our warm reception area is your space too.

More wellness, More services. More options. More for YOU.

Open Chest pose in our restorative room


Heather in her happy place.




A sacred sound and spiritual icon!


Teen Yoga

Tao Porchon-Lynch, age 98




Tao has practiced Yoga since 1926. she says:


“Age?! What’s that?

Limitations are only in your mind.”


“In every WOMEN lives a little GIRL.

Remember  her. Let her PLAY. She will teach

you how to FLY.”


Come fly with us: Suspension Yoga !






Suspension Yoga



Never was down dog so easy:

supported by a hammock.

Registered Massage Therapist



Get your relaxing and therapeutic massage

at Hello Yoga.

By appointment only:


Book some relaxation for YOU today.

Kurt's Office

Hypnotherapy and Life Counseling available through confidential sessions with Kurt in his welcoming space at Hello.

Perform better, live better.

100 Henderson Street,
Port Hope, ON L1A 0E2


Hello yoga is more than yoga ….

it’s wellness.

No experience necessary. We offer classes for everyone.

We invite you to lower your day-to-day stress and anxiety so you are better prepared to take on meaningful challenges.

It’s new, it’s for people,

it’s about community,
it’s Hello Yoga.


100 Henderson Street,
Port Hope, ON L1A 0E2