Maria Sheppard

Certified Instructor

Maria is a full-time Registered Massage Therapist in Port Hope and part-time yoga teacher. Maria loves the human body with all of its intricate systems and inner workings. Maria is constantly in study mode: building knowledge and more detailed understanding of how the body functions and how it can be cared for and assisted into optimal health and wellbeing.

She deeply believes in integrating body, mind and soul, which is reflected in her teaching style. Her grounded and spiritual mind bring deeper meaning to her strong science training.

Maria brings her anatomy and kinesiology understanding from her massage background into to her yoga teaching practice, helping her students to gain a fuller understanding of what, where, how, and why a specific yoga posture will benefit them inside and outside of the class. Maria has also enjoyed fitness for the past 2 decades and has competed in a total of 5 fitness competitions since 2009. She brings this strength to her yoga teaching practice. Maria is a very loving, nurturing and supportive personality who is always open to questions, and to helping her students in anyway she can.

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