Some of our classes do require registration due to the equipment used. For example, the Hot Stone Restore class can only accommodate 8 participates because we only have so many stones and we want you to have the best experience with a smaller group. The Yoga Strength class and the Dynamic Yoga Class require registration since there are only so many stations available in our larger studio. If you ever have problems with registration, please text me and I can register you! 905-925-7867
It is always optimal to have your own mat. However, if you are trying one of our classes you are welcome to use one of ours
No. At Hello we believe in you using exactly what you pay for. Life sometimes gets in the way and we understand.
For both men and women, we recommend you wear comfortable clothing so you can move with comfort and ease. We are not in a fashion show and there is never any judgement. Showing up on your mat is what we love to see!
This class is a unique and innovating class designed by owner, Heather Fenton-Narini. Her background of athletic conditioning, recovery, mobility, stability and Range of Motion enable her to create a class where her yoga students can now use a system to dynamically move with support and increase one’s mobility, stability and range of motion. This class can enhance your yoga practice and your every day activities.
We recommend a Restorative or Yin class. These classes allow you to move slowly and therefore prepare and use your intention to ease into each pose. These classes are Slow, are quiet and mindful. If this does not appeal to you, Hatha is a great option as a Flow yoga class. Please keep in mind that Private sessions are offered to get you to your level.
We love to accommodate as many people as possible. However, that may not always happen. If you have a specific time and day, you can create your own custom group. You need a minimum of 5 people to create your group. Benefits include custom days and times and the ability to adapt according to all people in your group. For example, if you need to take a week or two off you can certainly do that. You can purchase a block of time to attend. For example purchase 8 weeks and use at your convenience.
Unfortunately, we do not offer this service yet. You can register for a class online without having paid for any packages. When you arrive at the studio you can pay for the package that suits your needs. We accept Visa, M/C, Interac, cash, cheques and etransfer.
Dana LeClair is our registered massage therapist who manages her own schedule. You need to contact her to book all appointments. Call or text her at 705-917-4907
Our instructors are well qualified and experienced. We provide modifications and make you feel comfortable. There are no judgements – EVER. We are here to help you. We are here to make you have a wonderful experience and feel secure, calm and tranquil. We are patient and willing to see you grow & succeed. Passion is a guideline we share with you – and when you have a passion, there is never pressure to wait for one to become their best.
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Yoga is for Athletes

Yoga teaches focus, how to breathe properly and how to handle the pressures of performance.

We offer a unique class that not only addresses athletes’ mindset but includes a certified Yoga, Tune-Up instructor.

She is and always has been, a sub-elite competitive athlete in a variety of sports disciplines. She will guide you through trigger point release and visualization.

This is the edge you need and have been looking for, to take your game to the next level.

Infrared Ceiling Panels

We offer hot, warm and regular yoga practices.

Our hot studio is heated with state-of-the-art ceiling mounted infrared panels. They have been selected for you as the best option for heating from within. This promotes detoxification, a natural warming feeling (like standing in the rays of the sun), and allowing breath through the body with ease.

We care about the health and wellness of YOU. So we are committed to offer frequent workshops to educate you on the many facets of an optimal lifestyle.

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Fire & Emergency Services

With gratitude, we specifically cater to a variety of healthcare and allied professionals.

From teachers, physicians, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and emergency first responders, Hello Yoga has custom programs to improve your ability to help others in more ways than you have imagined.

Be prepared for the next emergency with guided breath, improved mindset and a stronger, more flexible body.

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