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Aerial Yoga – Unique at Hello

Our aerial yoga uses the most advance aerial/suspension yoga slings available. They include a sling (also called hammock) and three handles per side giving maximum support and flexibility in your workouts. For beginners and those intimidated by “aerial yoga”, our suspension hammocks will introduce the novice to basic yoga postures WITH SUPPORT. You can concentrate on your position and let the hammock and handles support and balance you. Yoga is again fun, less challenging as you learn, but then can be “supercharged” as you progress.

For those looking for a full-body workout – look no further. With exercises inspired by Pilates, gymnastics and acrobatics, those wanting a new challenge can experience inversions, headstands, and flying warriors. How about an inverted mountain pose?



Strength & Flexibility

A Total Body Workout.  Full body workouts can be achieved with the YogiGym® Aerial Yoga Swing. It is a versatile, portable gym ideal for Bodyweight Training, Core Enhancement, Flexibility, Coordination and Proprioception (Body Awareness).



Yoga Practice

Advance your yoga practice safely.  Now even the more challenging yoga postures become accessible and fun. Practice your head stands, hand stands, arm balances and back bends with YogiGym® Aerial Yoga Swing. Conquer your fears and overcome limitations while feeling safe and secure.

Longevity & Anti-Aging

Reverse the signs of aging.  Regular suspended inversions manage the adverse effects that gravity imposes on our bodies. Improved circulation affects the “glow” and tone of the skin.  With boosted lymphatic drainage and detoxification, visual signs of toxicity such as acne, cellulite, fluid retention, and varicose veins tend to reduce. Inverted positions improve core strength resulting in flatter midriff.


Mental Balance

Sleep better, feel better.  The body relaxes up to 35 % more deeply when in an inverted position. Increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain boosts mental function by 14%. It also stimulates release of the “happy” hormones such as endorphins and seratonin into our nervous system. And that – results in a more positive outlook on life.

Better Health

Improve Your Health.  Reported benefits include improved circulation, joint mobility, spinal decompression, cellular oxygenation, enhanced neurological function, lymphatic drainage, enhanced immune system and improved digestion to name just a few.

The hammock will allow you to experience a ‘cocoon posture’, gently fly and float, and be safe and supported.


The handles give maximum flexibility and will allow you to achieve stretch and strengthening you never thought possible.





Get ready for flying fun at Hello Yoga. Be prepared to smile, leave refreshed, and feeling like a kid again.

Can we have a class on …?


If you can’t find a class that fits your schedule, Hello Yoga gives you permission to make suggestions for custom classes at custom times! We will make it work for you.  Come forward and suggest a time and type of class that fits you and your friends’ busy schedule.

Bring a small group and receive a discount on your initial purchase of classes.

Yes! A custom class for your group; at a discounted price, when convenient for you!

We offer hot, warm and regular yoga.

With gratitude, we specifically cater to a variety of healthcare …

Yoga IS for athletes!

Class Passes

Drop in fee $18

5 Class


10 Class


20 Class


40 Class


Student | Senior Rates
Class Passes

Drop in fee $15

5 Class


10 Class


20 Class


40 Class


Unlimited Rates

Unlimited month-to-month


Student | Senior
Unlimited month-to-month


Unlimited 3 months


Student | Senior
Unlimited 3 months


Unlimited Freedom Pass - Yearly

*This unique special will also allow you to have 10% off all products sold at Hello Yoga and 15% off any Workshop registration


PRIVATE Yoga Instruction

$65 Adults

$60 Senior | Student

Pricing does not include HST
No expiry on Class Passes
Students must present official student card
Senior must be 60 years or older to qualify

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