Our objective at Hello is to provide our community with care physically and mentally. That is why we not only offer series of Meditation, Aerial, and other workshops, but also Registered Massage Therapy, Reiki, Nutritional counselling, Mental Coaching and Healing appointments.  If we can make it convenient and tie in the important elements of yoga and the mind we will.  After all, the word yoga does mean unity.  Appointments are booked separately with each of our wellness staff.  Our wellness staff is here to support you in staying healthy.  Each Wellness provider has their own space to make your visit comfortable, confidential and welcomed.

Hello Yoga is more than Yoga!

Over years of personal learning, sifting through gigabytes of truths and ‘alternate truths’ about health and wellness, we have personally chosen products to help you on your wellness journey. At Hello, you have easy access to Ask Heather and DrPhil the ‘hard questions’. With their combined 50 years in health and wellness, ask about supplements, healthy diet, and exercise programs to get honest, science supported answers. The products featured at Hello have been personally selected and represent the best in the respective industries.


Genuine health products
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