Phil Narini, md aka Dr Phil

Dr. Phil

Nutrition Guru


Phil is passionate about YOUR health. As a graduate of the University of Toronto class of ’84, he practiced as a family physician before pursuing a residency in Plastic Surgery from the Medical College of Wisconsin. With added qualification in Hand and Microsurgery, his daily practice includes all aspects of plastic surgery from Hand surgery – for problems with nerves, arthritis, injury or inflammatory diseases, to cosmetic surgery, to major reconstructions for victims of cancer and trauma.

In spite of the countless hours and years of training, physicians learn very little about the associations of diet and disease. Along with his life-partner and wife Heather, the two continue on a self-motivated journey of learning about nutrition, and how it affects health and wards off disease. They ‘walk-the-talk’ and are very eager to share their passion to help those striving for information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Phil has been certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell and is an alumnus of the Hippocrates Health Institute Life Transformation Program. He has attended the Dr. Esselstyn ‘Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Program at the Cleveland Clinic, and continues to educate himself on the benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

He will provide personal counselling on a one-on-one basis and will periodically visit Hello Yoga for fun, interactive and informative lectures, workshops and seminars.

Phil is married to a wonderful gal – Heather, founder of Hello Yoga and his soul mate and destined life-partner.

Together, they offer over 50 years of experience and wisdom in the health and fitness fields.

Together, they are a fearless team: ready to teach and learn, help, offer support and encouragement to anyone hoping to move towards Healthy Longevity.

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